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Auditory Processing Disorder
Auditory Processing Disorder,
also known as Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), is a developmental or acquired inability of the brain to understand the meaning of sounds. 

APD is not linked to impaired hearing or hearing loss at all nor poor intelligence.

Tomatis® Australia has been in the field of assisting neurodiverse children for over 40 years, including those diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD).

On June 19, we will be hosting a free webinar on Auditory Processing Disorder and how our work with the Tomatis® Method has given us insights on improving treatments.

The speaker, Françoise Nicoloff, is a French-Australian psychologist with 40 years of experience. Her presentation will not only tackle the possible causes of Auditory Processing Disorder but also how new, technological advances are improving tried-and-true treatments.

"Is it getting harder
to talk to your child?

Are they hearing you
but are not listening
to you?"

Join the FREE webinar,
know more about Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) and learn how we can help. 


  • Knowledge: Learn more about how Auditory Processing Disorder.
    Know what are its causes, symptoms and how to deal with it. 

  • Tips and Treatment: Learn about sound therapy and how it addresses the neurodiverse brain signals of children with Auditory Processing Disorder.
    You will also learn how the Tomatis® Method: Sound Therapy can help.

  • Convenience. There is no need for you to leave the office or go somewhere else since it's done online.
    Many professionals and even parents are using this time-efficient way of training and learning new topics to help them out.

  • Evidence-Based Studies: Hear true stories about children with special needs and how a few weeks of treatment already produced significant improvements.

  • Q & A: You will also get a chance to come forward with your own experience and ask an experienced professional on how to best provide for a child with APD.

  • FREE E-book: This free webinar even comes with a free E-book copy of the Listening Journey, an insightful look into the field of sound therapy and how it has changed the lives of special needs children worldwide.

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Webinar Host
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Françoise Nicoloff
Director of the Australian Tomatis® Method
French-Australian clinical psychologist
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I am Françoise Nicoloff 
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• French-Australian Psychologist
• Director of the Australian Tomatis® Method
• Official Representative of Tomatis  Developpement SA in Australasia and South Pacific
• Certified Tomatis® Consultant Senior
• Tomatis® International Trainer and Speaker
• Co-author of the Listening Journey Series
• Working for over 40 years with TM
36-years-old lady
“The listening worked out very well. I could fit in the full amount of listening for all 13 days. I recently went rafting in Oregon. I have been rafting for 28 years and I felt more stable and secure in the boat than I ever have before. I served as the guide, which I have done for several years, and found that I was able to maneuver the raft much more easily and with much less mental effort. I even had brain space left over for conversation and enjoying the scenery. I’m pretty sure that was Tomatis® since I would expect to have had that level of comfort before now given my years of experience.
I also have found that I feel more grounded and am better able to sort out my emotions, which is resulting in a surer sense of self.
I’m looking forward to the second phase of listening!”
School teacher who has had high sensory issues
“I don’t seem to be as sensitive to noise in my classroom as I have been in previous years. I think it’s easier to hear the kids and I’m not irritated with the sound of multiple voices as I used to get. I’ve also noticed a significant enough improvement with my tactile sensitivities that I actually want to hug people! This is a first and my friends are all surprised by my sudden transformation from having a five-foot space bubble to wanting to hug them.”
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