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Autism Spectrum Disorder
Autism Spectrum Disorder,
​​​​​​​commonly known as Autism, is the general term for a group of complex disorders of brain development. This is called a “spectrum” as it is characterized by a wide-range of difficulties mainly in social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and repetitive behaviours.

17 April 2019
8:00 PM (Sydney Time)

Tomatis® Australia has been in the field of assisting neurodiverse children for over 40 years, including those diagnosed with the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). On April 17, we will be hosting a free webinar on autism and how our work with the Tomatis® Method has given us insights on improving treatments.

The speaker, Françoise Nicoloff, is a French-Australian psychologist with 40 years of experience. Her presentation will not only tackle the possible causes of autism but also how new, technological advances are improving tried-and-true treatments.


  • Knowledge: Learn more about how autism works and why it is defined in a spectrum based on a consensus by all leading experts in psychology. Know what are its causes, symptoms and how to deal with it. 

  • Tips and Treatment: Learn about sound therapy and how it addresses the neurodiverse brain signals of children with ASD. You will also learn how the Tomatis® Method: Sound Therapy can help.

  • Convenience. There is no need for you to leave the office or go somewhere else since it's done online. Many professionals and even parents are using this time-efficient way of training and learning new topics to help them out.

  • Evidence-Based Studies: Hear true stories about children with special needs and how a few weeks of treatment already produced significant improvements.

  • Q & A: You will also get a chance to come forward with your own experience and ask an experienced professional on how to best provide for a child with ASD.

  • FREE E-book: This free webinar even comes with a free E-book copy of the Listening Journey, an insightful look into the field of sound therapy and how it has changed the lives of special needs children worldwide.
"Trouble in
and ​​​​​​​Learning?"


A Complex Disorder"

​​​​​​​Join our FREE Live Webinar on Autism Spectrum Disorder with Françoise Nicoloff this April as we celebrate the World Autism Month! Register now to get the latest updates!
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Webinar Host
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Françoise Nicoloff
Director of the Australian Tomatis® Method
French-Australian clinical psychologist
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I am Françoise Nicoloff 
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• French-Australian Psychologist
• Director of the Australian Tomatis® Method
• Official Representative of Tomatis Developpement SA in Australasia and South Pacific
• Certified Tomatis® Consultant Senior
• Tomatis® International Trainer and Speaker
• Co-author of the Listening Journey Series
• Working for over 40 years with TM

Mother of a 4 year old autistic child

“Since Brodie has done the Tomatis Program, he is more relaxed, and more focused on learning. He is now attempting to pronounce words and singing a lot of rhymes at school. Brodie is so much less frustrated and aggressive, which makes him a happier boy.”

Mother of a 12 year old girl, having trouble with reading and writing

Our daughter is more relaxed within herself. We feel she now accepts herself better. She is more inquisitive again, more the way she was as a very little child. She is more settled, older somehow. Better relationship with me and playing chess with her brothers. Asking about some more complex words. Handwriting generally much neater. Taking out encyclopedia and finding information. Has changed some friends, choosing more confident girls. Now kissing me goodbye: never before. She is much more talkative within the family and more in tune with her moods. I am much less anxious. It is much easier for me to get to places on time. There seems to be more time in the days for me. My daughter seems more relaxed, self confident.

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